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A New Year, A Fresh Look at Your Marketing Plan

A New Year, A Fresh Look at Your Marketing Plan - Dental Marketing Solutions - Marketing Strategy Professionals

With a new year around the corner, this is the perfect time to be proactive and have a close look at your marketing plan. Staying ahead of the curve is the key to thriving in a competitive market, so take some time to consider a few strategies for improvement.

This Year’s Highs and Lows

It’s always wise to both learn from your mistakes and build upon your successes. What approaches did you miss out on or opt out of? Did you lose potential patients because of it? Which marketing decision from the past year showed the clearest positive result? These are the things to focus on. Try to avoid getting hung up on hunches or loose information. It’s good to rely on your instincts in many situations, but be sure to take advantage of actionable data when you can. Whether it’s determining ROI from an AdWords campaign or surveying satisfied patients to find out what led them to chose you, the more concrete the better.

New Developments in the Marketing World

Another thing to keep a close eye on is how the marketing landscape has changed and will continue to evolve. A more thorough understanding of the industry will benefit your practice in the short and long-term. For instance, how is your practice keeping up with the rise of mobile technology and mobile-friendliness? Have you considered the importance of optimizing your site for searches made by digital assistants like Siri? Or perhaps strategies that focus on targeting and personalization? There’s a lot to bear in mind, so keep your finger on the pulse!

New Developments in Dentistry

Last but certainly not least, the New Year is an excellent opportunity to apply what you know about your own field. Consider the importance of new trends and topics in dentistry so that you can integrate them with the way you engage with your audience. This can be a very powerful approach, particularly when it comes to blogging for your site. Presenting yourself as a skilled, dedicated, and relevant professional will be an important step in making a new year even better than the last!

Everyone at the Dental Marketing Solutions team hopes you and your practice have had an excellent year. If you’re looking to sharpen your marketing strategy and build a new plan for the near future, give us a call at 1 (800) 985-3118 today!

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