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Are Your Patients Losing Their Patience?

Are Your Patients Losing Their Patience? - Dental Marketing Solutions - Web Design Experts

There is a particular sense of urgency behind running a dental practice and keeping your site visible, because many patients have a dental problem that needs to be addressed immediately. There are a few ways that this will shape your marketing approach.

How You Are Contacted

The first thing you should keep in mind is that in the event of sudden pain, a broken veneer, or another immediate issue, a patient is far more likely to contact you by phone. This is why it’s key to stay on top of all channels of communication, not only email and chat. The visibility of your phone number on your site also plays a critical role in this scenario–it’s not just for improving conversion rates for its own sake, it’s for ensuring that someone in need of your help can get in touch with a real human as promptly as possible. Otherwise, they could become frustrated and call someone else.

How You Appear in Results

If your site isn’t mobile friendly, it won’t even show up in Google search results. The number of mobile searches over desktop ones is as high as ever, especially in situations where information is needed right away. Someone who is seeking dental work in a slight state of panic won’t take the time to go past the first few results, so it’s imperative to take all necessary measures for optimum visibility. Make your site mobile friendly, maintain a well-written and valuable blog, stay on top of on-page SEO, and keep your Google My Business Page optimized, too!

How You Communicate

Whether it’s by email, chat, or phone, communication skills are always important in the final stages of conversion. A little extra tact is required when speaking to those who have a pressing dental dilemma to take care of. It would be unwise to take advantage of their situation by rushing them into an appointment, especially when speaking over the phone. Instead, it’s better to understand and address any concerns or special considerations as helpfully as possible. Make sure that your reception staff facilitate a pleasant experience, one that the patient will remember long after the treatment is done.

Your website is a form of communication, one that should make your practice immediately accessible to all who need you. Enhancing this and other aspects of your marketing plan is what we do best. Give Dental Marketing Solutions a call at 1 (800) 985-3118 today!

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