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Are You Avoiding Social? Your Critics Aren’t!

Are You Avoiding Social? Your Critics Aren’t! - Dental Marketing Solutions - Dental Marketing Solutions

Even though it has clearly revolutionized the way people do business, social media is sometimes disregarded or not taken seriously as a marketing tool. If your dental practice hasn’t caught on yet, it’s important to remember that your reputation could be on the line.

The Capabilities of Social

One reason a business may shy away from social media is if it hasn’t yet attained a comprehensive understanding of its capabilities. As a result, they will either pursue a limited use of social media’s features or they’ll skip out on it entirely. In the long run, both of these are equally problematic for different reasons. In fact, a lacklustre social media presence may even be more harmful than ignoring social altogether. On the other hand, if you dive in with full confidence in its potential and take advantage of the analytics, advertising, and direct engagement with you community that it offers, then you’re on the right track.

Your Critics

While you may not be part of any social networks, both your potential and established patients almost certainly will be. Social media is the arena within which the vast majority of online reviews and other forms of client feedback take place, which means that it is where your reputation will form and change over time. If you don’t build a strong social presence for your dental clinic and maintain positive engagement, you won’t be able to respond to your critics or tend to your image as a business. With potential, new patients on the line, “out of sight, out of mind” isn’t a good policy to uphold here!

Reputation and Visibility

Whether you’re involved in them or not, social networks are hotbeds for the exchange of opinions on local businesses, including dental clinics. Social media isn’t just a way to modernize your practice on a superficial level, it’s a way to tap into your community and hear the voices of your audience. Your absence from that space says a lot about your level of dedication to providing a great experience for your patients. Having a well-developed social presence and using it to respond actively and productively to criticism is essential in today’s marketing world.

Social media is just one of many digital marketing toolboxes that is here to stay, and it’s only becoming more relevant and versatile as time goes on. Greater visibility and more patients are well within reach, so call Dental Marketing Solutions at (403) 444-0639 to make it happen today!

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