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Has Your Clinic Harnessed the Power of Marketing Automation Yet?

Has Your Clinic Harnessed the Power of Marketing Automation Yet? - Dental Marketing Solutions - Dental Marketing Solutions

Some marketing tools are just too powerful to pass up. As a dentist, you should strive to know your patients and their needs inside and out. This doesn’t only apply when it comes to your dental care, but also when it comes to attracting and converting leads into patients.

What’s So Great About It?

One of the central concerns of digital marketing is to efficiently learn more about potential clients in order to build relevant experiences for them. It is this relevance that contributes to a much higher likelihood of conversion. “Efficient” is the key word word here, because when you’re dealing with large numbers of people, it’s simply not feasible to collect behaviour and preference data to draw in and convert leads on an individual basis. That is, unless you utilize marketing automation. When implemented properly, marketing automation can cater to the interests and needs of potential patients in a way that is self-driven, dynamic, and highly detailed.

In Practice

So what exactly would marketing automation look like for a dental clinic? Having the right data can make a world of difference in sending out emails that pertain more closely to individual needs and interests. Many dental clinics even automate their messaging systems for appointment reminders and confirmations, wishing patients a happy birthday and more. Marketing automation isn’t just limited to email, however, as you can automate a wide range of other marketing actions, especially when you set your site up to learn as much as possible from the behaviour of visitors and what brought them there in the first place.

Combine and Conquer

As any good marketer knows, things really get cooking when you mix two powerful marketing technologies together. Marketing automation is one of the best ways to turn potentials into solid contacts, but it may not be quite enough on its own to consistently turn them into confirmed patients. This is why MA/CRO, our combination of marketing automation and content rate optimization, is a recipe for success. Once you’ve nurtured a lead, CRO will shape your landing pages and other aspects of your website to maximize the chances of conversion. Knowledge is power, and optimization turns that power into growth!

Today’s marketing automation techniques can help your dental clinic connect with its leads and patients like never before. It just one on a long list of dental marketing services that we specialize in. Call us at (403) 444-0639 to find out more about how we can get you results!

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