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Does Your Dental Clinic Need Marketing Automation?

Does Your Dental Clinic Need Marketing Automation? - Dental Marketing Solutions - Dental Marketing Solutions

No matter what kind of business one may be operating, it’s always advantageous to understand the needs and inclinations of your clients. A dental practice is no exception. Marketing automation has been taking the web by storm, but how can it benefit you and your patients?

Understanding the Basics

You can’t get a good grasp on the benefits of marketing automation without understanding what it does and how it works. First and foremost, it’s a set of tools that all significantly streamline the marketing process. If you were to manually send out email after email to your potential and established patients, you’d be pushing a boulder up a hill. If you sent out a one-size-fits-all email for everyone who fills out a form on your site, you wouldn’t be providing a relevant experience. Automation solves this and other issues by enabling your clinic to engage with your audience automatically and in ways shaped dynamically by their needs, interests, and behaviour.

A Unique Position

There’s no doubt that marketing automation should be an essential component of any marketing strategy. However, as a dentist, you’re in a particularly fitting position to make it work wonders. Your relationship with your patients is a close one, and knowing the larger context of their needs  — including the history of their dental health — is a key part of what you do. Are you providing care to a family? An email campaign pertaining to children’s dental care would be particularly fitting. Do you have some patients who get cavities often? A campaign linking to your blog posts pertaining to home care and enamel health could be just the ticket.

Implementing the Tools

You have the knowledge of your patients to make marketing automation work, so what exactly does it require on a technical level? One key component is the workflow. This is a set of automated marketing actions that are designed to address a lead or patient in a particular way when a certain condition is met. You’ll need a diverse set of patient categories that these workflows will pertain to, as well as a structured way to assess their effectiveness. This only scratches the surface, and it may seem like a lot to keep up with, but that’s why working with a team of dental marketing specialists is the best way to do it!

Savvy marketing automation can take your dental practice on a journey that leads straight to real growth. The Dental Marketing Solutions team has all the automation tools you need and the experience to get the most out of them. Give us a call at (403) 444-0639 to get started today!

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