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Do You Know What to Write About for Your Blog?

Do You Know What to Write About for Your Blog? - Dental Marketing Solutions - Digital Marketing Experts Calgary

There’s no getting around it: you need a blog to make your dental practice truly visible and reputable. However, even when you’ve acknowledged its importance, how do you determine what your content will actually be?

Avoiding the Pitfalls

Choosing to get a good blog going is a great decision, but there are plenty of traps that many people fall into when they do so. One of the most common problems relates to keywords. These days, given how smart and precise Google can be, it’s not the best idea to load your clinic’s blog with popular dentistry keywords and call it a day. Your first priority should be finding a way to make the blog genuinely valuable to both prospects and patients alike. Then, be sure to effectively integrate terms like “Calgary dentist” so that your site can build up the search relevance that it needs to reach your target demographic.


What information should your blog provide to its readers? Being a dentist undoubtedly requires a high level of expertise in not only your own practice, but knowledge of many aspects of the current world of dentistry in general. With all of that expertise on your side, your best move is to funnel it productively into your blog. Your unique perspective on your field has the potential to offer a lot of great information to visitors. New and cutting edge technology in the industry, trends in dental practices, and oral hygiene advice are all great places to start. Just be sure to keep things regularly updated, with variety and sincerity. Write often, and write what you care about!

Going the Extra Mile

While you might be quick to assume that the usefulness of your blog is limited to the digital world, this isn’t necessarily true. For instance, if you’re speaking to a patient in your clinic — or a prospective one over the phone — recommend a blog entry that is relevant to the dental concern that they are contacting you about. Whether it’s about keeping gums healthy or the facts on wisdom teeth removal, use your blog as a tool to engage with patients and build helpful conversations in person. It’s an important digital marketing tool, but it doesn’t have to stop there!

Need more tips on maintaining a great blog for your dental practice? The Dental Marketing Solutions team is here to help. Find out more by calling us at (403) 444-0639 today!

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