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Does Your Dental Practice “Own” Search Results in Your Community?

Does Your Dental Practice “Own” Search Results in Your Community? - Dental Marketing Solutions - Online Marketing Solutions Calgary

If your practice isn’t as visible as it can be in search results, there’s no telling how many new patients you could be losing. But there’s more to your online footprint than just good SEO. It’s also about critical thinking and good strategy. Here are a few ideas that will help you built a strong presence as the most reputable and reliable practice in town.

Be Open to the Tools

It’s natural to be hesitant to adopt the use of certain social media or marketing technologies because you might assume that one tool or another is irrelevant to what you do. You’d actually be surprised by how often people will engage with local businesses they trust via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other outlets. If you can maintain a consistent level of engagement by leveraging a diverse range of platforms to your advantage — and combine this with an excellent site full of great, searchable content — you’re on your way to dominating in search results.

Your Real-World Community

As a small business with a local community, the importance of your online presence is not entirely isolated from the importance of your real-world presence. The two affect one another in many ways and being active in your community to benefit your digital reach is an approach that many fail to consider. For instance, promoting your website or social media profiles through the sponsorship of a local sports team or other similar form of community engagement is an excellent way to increase exposure and gain new traffic.

The Holistic Approach

The first step in expanding your presence is to reconsider how you think about digital marketing in general. The internet is rich and complex with changing information, so trying to quickly pinpoint a single factor that determines the size of your search footprint can lead to disappointment and frustration. The key is to think laterally, keep things in perspective, and consider the overall quality, consistency, and charisma of your brand. When choosing what practice to depend on, it is this larger image that your community will respond to and remember!

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