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Engaging Your Patients with Video

Engaging Your Patients with Video - Dental Marketing Solutions - Dental Marketing Solutions

Every dental clinic needs that special something added to their marketing plan to ensure that they stand out from the others. Some forms of content are particularly good at providing a certain level of legitimacy that can be highly advantageous, and video is one of them!

What’s So Great About Video?

We’re typically accustomed to video content being used by vloggers rather than by businesses looking to engage with their leads. Despite this convention, however, video is increasingly used as a way to combine multiple forms of content into one engaging and stylish channel of communication. You can present many different forms of information with the personal touch of an actual human rather than relying entirely on the written word. Videos allow you to represent your clinic with a well-branded, well-produced piece of media that conveys both a sense of legitimacy and a feeling of familiar, conversational interaction.

Potential Applications

The great thing about video content is that you can smoothly carry over your regular approach to content and engagement into a video format. Think of it as substituting or supplementing certain blog posts, written announcements, or information about you and your staff. Few things are more inviting to a potential patient than a video of you introducing your clinic and letting them know what you’re all about. As you probably know, dental patients highly value the ability to feel comfortable in communicating with their dentists, so the earlier on you can establish this comfort for a lead, the more likely they will be to book an appointment!

Things to Avoid

Jumping into the production of video for its own sake could end up giving your potential and established patients the wrong impression, leading them to believe that you’re more interested in making a video than you are in actually providing useful information. Content marketing really runs the risk of working against you if the purposes of the content are not genuine and precise. You should also take the production itself seriously. A video that is not made in a professional way can easily backfire, which is why enlisting the help of a skilled marketing team can really take your content strategy to another level!

Setting your clinic up with a great plan for video content is an excellent way to contribute engaging and valuable information to your online community. Give the Dental Marketing Solutions team a call at (403) 444-0639 to find out how you can make it happen!

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