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Google AdWords: The Right Patients at the Right Time

Google AdWords: The Right Patients at the Right Time - Dental Marketing Solutions - Digital Marketing Firm Calgary

There’s a lot more to AdWords than having the right budget and writing convincing copy. In order to attract as many new patients to your practice as you can, it will always pay off to understand the importance of timing during each ad campaign you run.

Strategic Scheduling

It doesn’t make much sense to keep ads live when the people you’re hoping to draw in are unlikely to see them.This process is simplified for local businesses. You can schedule your ads around local time and your own operating hours to make sure they’re only running when people in your community are awake and able to reach you. It won’t do you much good if a potential patient lands on your site and decides to call you or use live chat only to discover that your office is closed! Be sure to keep this in mind during holidays.


Scheduling is as much about how well you budget your campaigns as it is about your visibility. If you do enough research on your demographics to know when their Google traffic may be highest and when, pausing your ads during off-peak periods will save you money and allow you to allocate more financial resources to a longer, more efficient set of campaigns. Likewise, investing in peak times will most likely yield better ROI for your practice. You never know, with all that candy consumption, increasing your bids and keeping ads live a little later than usual on Halloween night just might help you lock in some extra appointments.

Tips for Your Campaigns

It’s paramount to know and understand your field and your demographics. From there, you’ll know what keywords to bid on and how to schedule them for optimum ROI. Investigate local dentistry-related search trends for previous years and use this to construct your schedules. Are there families in your area with kids who might be in need of their first dental exams or cleanings? Are parents most likely to search terms like “teeth cleaning in Calgary” or “dentistry near me” after they’ve returned home from work? Do these searches happen more often during the school year or summer? The more detailed your knowledge, the better your timing!

Dental Marketing Solutions strives to be the digital marketing firm that dentists can rely on for only the best results. From AdWords to blogging advice, find out what we can do for you by calling 1 (800) 985-3118 today!

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