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Have Your Conquered Your Community?

Have Your Conquered Your Community? - Dental Marketing Solutions - Dental marketing Solutions

If a potential patient were to search “dentistry in Calgary,” they would see a multitude of results at different levels of visibility. This is just one way in which people become aware of your practice. The question is, how well do you really stand out from the rest?

Building Stronger Awareness

As with any industry, some dental practitioners have made it to the top in terms of their presence while others have been pushed to the margins. Why is that? What exactly determines who has laid claim to their community? The answer to this is a bit complex and depends on many factors, but most of these factors can be well within your control. It’s just a matter of knowing your tools and resources, understanding how to apply them, and actively monitoring their results. If you get things right, your dental practice will have a firm standing not only online, but in the minds of the people in your community.

A Holistic Approach

Not all approaches to marketing are created equal. Some focus too much on one technique or assumption, ultimately failing to see the bigger picture. Others are spread out too thin between resources, resulting in a “jack of all trades, master of none” scenario. If you want your dental practice to be recognizable, well-regarded, and inviting, it’s key to start by examining what makes you unique as a clinic. No marketing plan can be designed to perfectly fit all enterprises, so you will benefit most from a holistic marketing philosophy that closely bears in mind the identity of your practice and the role it should play in your community.

What It Takes

Your AdWords campaigns should be targeted to ensure that people in your community will see your ads and end up on your landing pages. Advertising should also expand beyond PPC, including local print and street ads. A well-executed email campaign can establish more direct contact with local leads as well. You’ll need to complement all that outbound marketing with some inbound, so be sure to create content in a variety of forms that will educate and benefit people in your community. Establish as much value for yourself as a local presence, and you’ll be the one whom patients call for an appointment!

Is your clinic ready to conquer its community? The Dental Marketing Solutions team can provide you with a tailor-made strategy that will help make it happen. Learn more by calling (403) 444-0639 today!

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