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How Can Live Chat Benefit Your Practice?

How Can Live Chat Benefit Your Practice? - Dental Marketing Solutions - Website Chat Service

Increasing traffic and drawing new potential patients to your website is one thing. Keeping them there and locking down those conversions is something else entirely! This is where live chat engagement really shines. So how exactly will it benefit your practice?

The Invitation

Your site is not unlike the reception area of your office. If someone hoping to receive your care arrives at your office and there’s no one there to greet them, they just might leave! An instant live chat invitation welcoming new leads to your site conveys the sense that someone is there to address their needs and earn their confidence. With live chat integrated throughout all pages of your website, you will be providing your potential patients with a first impression that could make all the difference.

A Helpful Moderated Discussion

The ideal chat between a visitor and one of our skilled moderators will result in a successful conversion and a booked appointment. In order for this to happen, a potential patient should feel as though they can get the information they need in as immediate and helpful a way as possible. That’s why having a member of your practice join the discussion can be so valuable. Rather than simply navigating a website, many people want to engage with experts who can be relied upon. The goal is to facilitate a personalized experience each time. This is what a good moderated chat is all about.

Other Key Benefits

When it comes to how people prefer to engage with businesses in their community (particularly when asking specific questions), live chat often has a significant edge over email or social media. If a chat leads to a booked appointment by phone, the combination of instant and direct engagement followed by a pleasant exchange over the phone can’t be beat. Things are much more practical for everyone involved. Handling chat conversations rather than individual calls will ensure time efficiency and avoid subjecting your leads to hold time or prompts. It will also free up your reception team to interact with all those new patients who are showing up in person!

Dental Marketing Solutions can help you take advantage of the excellent potential behind live chat engagement. Whether as a standalone service, or as part of a complete package, we’re here to make it happen for you. Give us a call at 1 (800) 985-3118, or chat with us today!

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