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Is SEO Dead, or Has It Just Changed?

Is SEO Dead, or Has It Just Changed? - Dental Marketing Solutions - SEO Experts Calgary

The issue of SEO’s relevance in today’s internet marketing climate has been coming up more and more often among experts and commentators, but is it so simple to conclude that SEO is actually “dead”? Let’s take a closer look.

Shifting Definitions and Dynamics

The internet moves fast. Concepts and techniques come and go from public attention in many contexts because the speed at which we communicate with one another allows us to share ideas with complete immediacy. Some commentators seem to view many issues in marketing as trends that appear, have their prominence, and eventually “die.”  While many techniques have become more or less obsolete over the years, the reality is that larger concepts often transform into renewed versions of themselves. It’s ultimately more practical and rewarding to see online marketing as a system of constant change, one that you’ll need to stay in tune with if you want your practice to compete!

So What Does It Mean?

When commentators say that SEO is dead, they usually refer to an assortment of more manipulative techniques that have been common since the early days of search engines. The intent behind these approaches is essentially to “trick” the system into representing your site more prominently in results regardless of whether or not your contributions to the web are valuable. These days, however, Google has become highly efficient at giving search users results to their queries that are truly beneficial. Therefore, the old-school understandings of SEO — which seek to manipulate more than “optimize” in a way that benefits users — are losing relevance and becoming ineffective.

SEO and Your Practice

So if SEO has changed and the old ways are dying, how can your practice stay at the forefront? For starters, techniques are varied and there’s never a universal strategy. However, many initiatives have become more important as SEO has redefined itself. These include local citation building, establishing and maintaining an impressive Google My Business page, wise implementation of paid advertising, and keeping your on-page SEO up to par with good, linkable content. No one knows your dental practice better than you, so once you have an understanding of what you need, you’re on your way to keeping up with today’s SEO philosophies.

As concepts, definitions, and techniques change, can your clinic keep up? We at Dental Marketing Solutions are committed to making sure that you do. To keep your SEO as up-to-date as possible, give us a call at 1 (800) 985-3118 today!

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