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Is Your Dental Clinic Using Marketing Automation Yet?

Is Your Dental Clinic Using Marketing Automation Yet? - Dental Marketing Solutions - Dental Marketing Solutions

As we often say, the marketing plan you pursue for your dental practice won’t be competitive unless it stays in tune with today’s latest digital marketing developments. Marketing automation has been around for quite some time, but here’s why it’s particularly essential today.

A Little Background

Marketing automation is one technique that’s been around for many years, but recent developments in standard marketing practice have led to a transformation in how it can be utilized. What hasn’t changed is that it is focused on building a more personalized, relevant, and dynamic experience for your potential clients throughout much of the purchase funnel, ideally leading to more conversions. It has done so by allowing businesses to set certain pre-configured marketing actions to take place in response to specific conditions. For quite some time, it has held a close kinship with outbound-focused email marketing.

Modernizing the Approach

While a more basic example of marketing automation would be email campaigns catered to a particular type of lead, just sending out automated emails won’t help you much if you’re trying to secure new patients. These days people expect things to be a bit more dynamic than that. Marketing automation technique can also be powerful when applied to your social media strategy, but this still leaves a few bases uncovered. Foremost among them is your website. If you want to shape your dental clinic’s site around visitors in a way that guides them towards that confirmed appointment, you’ll need an inbound approach to marketing automation.

Why It’s Essential for Dentists

Dentistry is a field that offers the perfect set of opportunities for inbound marketing automation to really shine. Why is this? As a dentist, you probably provide a wide range of services to a many different patient types. Parents, young professionals, students, and other demographics each have their own sets of characteristics and behaviours that you should be acutely aware of. It’s only right that your website is attuned to this information so that it can anticipate and meet the needs of that potential patient before they’ve contacted you for an appointment. That’s what securing conversions for your dental clinic is all about!

Intelligent use of inbound marketing automation is one of the best ways to bring in new patients today. The team at Dental Marketing Solutions has the skill and experience to help your clinic implement this and many other formidable techniques, so call us at (403) 444-0639 today!

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