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Is Your Dental Website Set Up for Conversion?

Is Your Dental Website Set Up for Conversion? - Dental Marketing Solutions - Digital Marketing Calgary

Back in February, we gave you a brief guide to converting leads into new patients. One section touched upon the role that your website serves in this aspect of marketing, but we’d like to expand a bit on this. Here’s how you can make sure your clinic’s website can do its part!

The Basics

First, let’s do a quick review as to the more important elements that you site will need to keep those new appointments coming. Communication and conversation are everything, so as soon as direct contact is established, each lead will have a complete picture as to what your clinic is about and why you are the best choice for them. In order for this to happen, you’ll need a contact form on every page. Another essential way of addressing leads is having clear, direct, and friendly calls to action. It’s all about motivating potential patients into picking up their phone, starting a chat, or filling out that contact form.

Conversion Points

Conversion points are a major tool in your effort to understand what conditions do and do not provide the results you need. They are the indicators you use to know when and how a conversion has taken place. For instance, if a potential patient fills out and submits a contact form asking if you offer a certain dental procedure, this is the conversion point which indicates that a lead has made a step further toward becoming a new patient. If you have designated a particular section of your site as a landing page for one of your PPC ads, the visitor’s arrival at that page is the point which helps you to assess the effectiveness of that ad.

The Importance of Measuring Performance

Why is it so critical to have performance indicators like conversion points in place? Because almost any component of your marketing plan will go astray if you don’t know how well you’re doing! Tracking, measurement, review, and adjustment are inseparable from the marketing process. Analytics are indispensable for this reason. AdWords allows you access to an excellent degree of detail in conversion tracking once you’ve determined your conversion points, so be sure to take advantage of the tools at hand and always be prepared to improve!

Do you have a clear idea of your clinic’s conversion performance? There’s always room for improvement, and Dental Marketing dot Solutions can help you all throughout the process. Call us today at (403) 444-0639 to get started!

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