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Is Your Practice Winning on RateMDs or Other Review Sites?

Is Your Practice Winning on RateMDs or Other Review Sites? - Dental Marketing Solutions - Reputation Management Calgary

These days, anyone paying for a service of any kind can contribute to the reputations of businesses in a very public way. RateMDs and Google Reviews are examples of review sites that may be affecting your practice. The question: is it for better or worse, and how can you keep that public image in top form?

Why it Matters

Whether it’s Yelp, Google Reviews, or more industry specific sites like RateMDs, the feeling of coming across a damaging review can be unpleasant. You can always do your utmost to be the best practice you can be, but it’s unlikely that you’ll please absolutely everyone. Factor in situations like a competitor writing a poor review to defame your practice unfairly and you’ll realize how important it is to keep an eye on things. More people use the internet to compare dentists than ever, so if you do things properly, the resulting improved search ranking and other factors will serve to help your practice thrive.

Managing Your Reputation

One shouldn’t underestimate the effort that internet users will put into evaluating their experiences. You may not see it as a threat, but the truth is that it’s less about threat and more about the potential of review sites as a key factor in bringing in new patients. Shaping and maintaining this reputation is often a matter of being as attentive as possible to the overall picture of your practice that exists online. Just as important is encouraging your satisfied patients to submit reviews and ratings on RateMDs or the review site of their preference.

Negative Criticism as a Tool

If you come across a scathing review, try not to feel discouraged! Your first impulse should be to use it as a tool for improving your practice. Take note of and understand the problems mentioned as thoroughly as possible. Reputation management often involves engaging with the reviewer in a positive way, telling them that their opinion is sincerely valued. It’s also productive to detail how exactly you’ve worked to remedy the problem. Consider the importance this holds for your overall image. If you work with them positively and helpfully, the rest of the community will notice!

Reputation management is a nuanced process, and the experts at Dental Marketing Solutions will be there for you every step of the way. To bring your public image to its full potential, get in touch at (855) 982-3001 today!

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