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Is Your Website Getting the Job Done?

Is Your Website Getting the Job Done? - Dental marketing Solutions - Online Marketing Experts

One thing that the Dental Marketing Solutions team specializes in is providing Calgary dental practices with brand new, responsive websites. However, not everyone needs one from scratch. While you might think your clinic’s website is pulling its weight, a closer look could be needed.

Getting Responsive

The average user is going to expect a certain set of design and functionality characteristics in order to view your site as truly legitimate. One of these is responsiveness. Your potential patients will be accessing your site from a wider range of devices than ever before, meaning your site will need to instantly adapt to different screen dimensions and fit perfectly. Any delay in getting responsive will negatively impact your search ranking. Plenty of the clinics we’ve worked with have come to us with great looking sites, but many of them haven’t made that critical step. This is the first thing to consider when in the process of a website review and upgrade.

Improving Further

Having a responsive site is critical, but considering an upgrade goes a bit deeper than that. For example, how well do you really know your visitors and their behaviour on your site? Reviewing and revamping the way your company utilizes Google Analytics will give you a more detailed picture of user behaviour, in turn allowing you to strengthen your site’s role in getting conversions. Meanwhile, how about the quality and organization of your content? Are any additions or enhancements necessary in terms of graphics, design, and smart use of type? There are plenty of common functionality issues out there that may need to be addressed.

Anticipation and Preparedness

Catching problems and fixing them as they happen is only half the battle. The other half is staying prepared enough to avoid them preemptively. This is the main reason why staying up-to-date in all departments is so important. Mobile web, social media, design trends, and other factors will continue to evolve, and the more your dental practice can avoid falling behind, the less dramatic (and expensive) your upgrades will need to be. It’s much better to stay on top of routine small-scale reviews than to wait until you need a complete overhaul. Thorough reviews and upgrades will always go a long way!

Is your website bringing you new patients in a reliable way? The demands and standards of online marketing are always shifting. Give Dental Marketing Solutions a call at (403) 444-0639 to make sure you can keep up!

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