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unnamedWhy search optimization is so different today

Google has evolved dramatically in the past several years and if your dental practice has not been keeping up, you likely are not being found. Learn why being found in search is trickier today than ever before and how you can overcome these changes.


unnamedIs your website working? or just “there”

Having a website is great, but actually getting new patients from the internet is the key. Find out why websites fail to work and learn three things you can do today to improve your websites conversion of visitors to potential patients!


unnamedStop Social Media & Start Social Networking

Humanizing your dental practice will bond your existing patients as well as attract new patients. We get social networking right in the real world – why do so many dental practices fail with it online?


unnamedAdvertise online for quicker Win!

Learn about the top 4 opportunities to get in front of patients while they are in their greatest moment of need. David will introduce the world of Google as well as social advertising opportunities.


Meet the Presenters & Facilitators!

David A. West - dentalmarketing.solutions
David A. West
Senior Internet Consultant

David has been helping Dentists, Orthodontists, Oral Surgeons & SMB’s with marketing since 2004.

Claudette Stiven - dentalmarketing.solutions
Claudette Stiven
Senior Internet Consultant

Claudette is certified in social media & is a Senior Internet Advisor with our agency.

Cameron Chenier - dentalmarketing.solutions
Cameron Chenier
Practice Management & Services

A technology leader working for Confirm by Email, a leading reminder service in North America.

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