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Making Informed Decisions About Your Marketing

Making Informed Decisions About Your Marketing - Dental Marketing Solutions - Dental Marketing Online

Hypothetically, your dental clinic could dive head-first into a marketing plan and just go full steam ahead based on a few guidelines. However, if you never see where exactly you’re going and how well you’re doing, that plan will get you into trouble. This is why reporting is so critical.

What Is Reporting?

No matter what aspect of your marketing strategy you and your clinic are focusing on, whether it’s SEO, AdWords, social media, or combinations of these and others, everything needs to be measured. Of course, different practices can be measured to different degrees. It may be a bit trickier, for instance, to get your blog content exactly right than it is to understand which Google ads are and are not working. What they all have in common, however, is that there is always some way to gain an actionable picture of your performance, understand what is being done right and what is being done wrong, and then reshape or re-budget your plan accordingly. This is what reporting is all about.

What Forms Can It Take?

For this particular blog, we’ll talk about reporting in terms of two major forms. One is the metric and analytic data that can be collected yourself through automated tools and systems. A popular example of this is Google Analytics, a free resource that can provide your dental practice with data concerning how potential patients use your site, how they find you in the first place, which of your strategies are resulting in reliable conversions, and more. There’s also another kind of reporting: in-person consultation. This essentially makes use of the abovementioned forms of data, but with the help of someone who knows exactly how to interpret and implement that information to help your clinic grow.

How to Get It Done

The key to productive and efficient reporting is immediate and real-time accessibility. It’s important not only to work with an experienced specialist who can apply the data skilfully, but for you to have access to the data yourself in a manner of presentation that is meaningful to you. This is the kind of approach we can really get behind. With the combination of monthly in-person consultation and also monthly direct access to your data, you’ll be able to get a much firmer grip on your overall ROI, the success of your ad campaigns, and the effectiveness of your site in terms of both traffic and conversions. Powerful reporting makes for a powerful marketing strategy!

When working with dentists across Calgary, our team is devoted to making the path to success as clear and actionable as possible. Analytics, smart strategy, and all around expertise are just a phone call away! Get in touch at (403) 444-0639 to get started.

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