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Marketing Resolutions for Your Dental Practice

Marketing Resolutions for Your Dental Practice - Dental marketing Solutions - Dental Marketing Solutions

Finding ways to better yourself is a key part of the New Year. We’ve all set resolutions at one time or another and in various aspects of life, but have you set any for your dental marketing strategy? Let’s run through a few examples so that you can get your year on track right away.

I Will Enhance My Site and Content

Your clinic’s website is at the very center of your online brand as a dentist. It draws in potential patients, serves as a hub for information on everything you do, and more. It’s therefore only right to make it a top priority when considering your marketing resolutions. An overhaul to its design or functional aspects can revitalize your image as a clinic and jump-start the year’s stream of new business. Of course, this goes hand-in-hand with upgrading your content. Whether it’s your blogs or the various information pages on your site, assess its quality and make improvements accordingly. If you don’t have a blog at all, you’d better get with the times and make that happen!

I Will Boost My Reputation

While you can’t have a fully functional brand as a dental clinic without a good website, this isn’t the only ingredient that determines how your dental care is perceived in your community. People are quick to form strong opinions on their dentists, positive or negative, and word travels fast. Reputation, both online and off, is therefore enough to completely make or break a dental practice. Failing to keep a close eye on how you’re being reviewed on various online platforms means missing the opportunity to respond to issues properly. Ultimately, that translates to stagnated growth. Make it a resolution to double down on your efforts in this department.

I Will Take Command of Social Media and PPC

Smart marketing is all about balance. Select the most essential tools and techniques, recognize how they can complement and empower one another, and you will mobilize a truly versatile strategy. Social media is one inbound-focused resource that any dental clinic can adopt to promote themselves, but not everyone uses it the right way. PPC, meanwhile, is an essential outbound tool that is more powerful than some may give it the opportunity to be. Throughout 2018, contemplate how you can go the distance with both of these. They will draw patients to you in different ways, but they both warrant a top position in your marketing arsenal!

Which one of these resolutions speak to you? Of course, these are just a few areas of digital marketing that your dental clinic can capitalize on to make for an unstoppable strategy. Our team is at your disposal, so call (403) 444-0639 to set some personalized goals today!

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