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Our Goal Is To Help You Succeed!

We realize that no two clients are alike, and the need for a custom marketing package that helps your business grow, creates a strong online presence, and fits your needs is exactly what we have to offer!

For over 11 years, our parent company has been delivering custom web design options to business owners all across North America. We started as a web development company, putting our efforts into creating hundreds of beautiful websites, staying up to date with the latest technology, getting clients to the top of Google search results (and helping them stay there!) and creating sites that generated leads for our clients.

As the years went on, it was becoming increasingly clear that our clients were looking for more. Some were asking if we could manage their social media accounts, others design and print work… digital marketing was starting to make an impact! As our clients needs grew, so did we, and November 2011, our marketing agency was born.

google_partner_logoEach of our team members are unique and have their own set of strengths and focuses, however as a team, we’ve become experts in marketing dental practices.

An exciting achievement for us, is being a Google Partner Agency! Find out what this means for you and your practice by clicking our badge!

As a practice owner, your job is to focus on patient oral health, and as a team, our focus is your online digital presence!

Meet Our Team

team_img1David A. West

President & Senior
Internet Consultant



David has been helping businesses succeed online since 1995 when he first started freelancing. Fast forward nearly 20 years and he is now focused on your dental practice marketing programs!

David is a member of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers and is dedicated to remaining on top of current trends to ensure that you can focus on what you do well!


Production &
Technical Support



Josh has been part of our team since 2010! Initially he came onboard tackling support requests and as a technical advisor, but as the company grew, so did his involvement…

On any given day, you can find him working in many departments within the business – managing web projects, the support desk, and has recently started in sales.


Managing Director &


canada post specialist

Helen is one of our managing directors. It’s her job to make sure everything runs smoothly and is finished on time. She is easily one of the most fluid and adaptable team members.

With over ten years of experience in the industry, Helen and can produce beautiful and artistic designs, tenaciously works with the team and clients to ensure projects are done right!


Advertising &



Most of our team is Google Adwords Certified, but when we need answers relating to Google advertising best practices, we turn to Travis. 

Travis is data focused, enjoys learning how things work, and loves to see results! In 2015, he successfully took on the challenge to become a Google AdWords Specialist, completing all the exams Google has to offer!


In-House Writer



When Emilie first started working with our team she was actively involved in the day to day doings of client social media accounts.

Since then, she has grown to become our on staff professional writer – taking on blogs, press releases and website copy. She has also received her Advanced Grammar certificate and is working on her writing degree!


Community Coordinator/
Support / Designer



Steph’s work throughout our company is diverse– she does social engagements for clients, website maintenance, design work, video editing, and is learning how to handle support requests.

She is a Graduate of SAIT’s New Media Production & Design program, and uses her skills to ensure clients’ websites, online presences, and print materials are well designed and  functional.


Reputation Management/
Project Management

Danielle’s primary responsibilities are heading our reputation management division, project management, and our inbound services!

If you’ve called in recently, you will have heard Danielle’s bubbly voice at the end of the line finding the best resource for you. No matter what you’re calling about, she knows exactly who you should speak with!


Internet Consultant


social media



Claudette has been one of our Internet Consultants for many years! She works with clients from a few different industries, but has really found her niche working with dental clients!

You’ll often find her out and about at many of our trade shows, events, and webinars – it’s a rare moment when Claudette doesn’t know just about everyone in the room!


Director of Company Culture


no animal testingdog


Freesia’s role within the company is an important one. Not only is she constantly keeping everyone on their toes by alerting us to new visitors, she totally enjoys snacking between appointments.

Our team and our clients love the Schnoodle, who is said to be “hypoallergenic” (just in case). Having said that, she does have a sensitivity to grain and fillers herself.