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Secure Your Region

Does your dental practice marketing service compete with it’s own clients? We do not pitt our clients practices against another clients… it would simply be wrong to do so.

Secure Your Region

Using GEO location targeting we carefully identify your dental practice and consider your proximity to our other clients offices. We will not take on a client with a practice that is competing in the same communities.

Specialists – Oral Surgeons, Orthodontists, Denturists

Some of our valued clients specialize in Orthodontics, Maxillofacial Oral Surgery and Full Sedation Dentistry. These practices are given greater consideration for their geo location and region. In many cities we will only work with one specialist per region.

How far will Dental Patients travel?

Surveys of dental practices have shown that 38% of dental patients travel within 8 kilometers and 41% between 8 and 16 kms. Through discussion with our clients we determine their location and area and then block the region as “taken”.

Not surprisingly, rural residents tend to drive much greater distances to go to a dental appointment. In many small regions we would assure our client exclusivity in the market.

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