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Creating a Lasting Impression takes a Team

One of the many things that makes us stand out as an agency is the fact that we pride ourselves on customer service. Our business development team has worked long and hard researching and testing theories to find out which products and services work best for dental clinics.

Our Phones are Answered by People

When you call our office, you’re not greeted by a machine asking you endless questions to be redirected to the appropriate person. You are greeted by one of our knowledgeable team members who can handle your request directly, or transfer you to the person who can!

A One-Stop-Shop

Working with creative individuals can be hard, especially if you’re doing this correctly. You will need a designer, a programmer, a social media person, a direct mail specialist, an Adwords Certified individual, a writer… and many more talented people. Our team takes the stress away and acts as your internal marketing department.

If you have ever worked with freelancers on individual project then you know it can start to add up, both in the financials and stress levels. We are truly a one-stop-shop for our clients. Our clients enjoy easy access to their account representative when they need them!

Flexible Programs & Access to Service

Need to make a tweak in your advertising budget? Thinking of a Back to School campaign? Want to shoot a video? Your needs change and as your marketing team, we can adapt to those needs and stay on top of the latest best practices and trends in marketing, web development and how they all work together to benefit your dental practice.