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Conquer Your Community

As a dental practice, you’re in a highly competitive industry. You’ve chosen the perfect location, you have the right team in place, you’ve put an emphasis on quality customer service, and now you’re ready for a full patient list and to grow your practice.

So why do so many clinics stay hidden under the radar while others are widely known and continue to grow?

They’ve conquered their community!

As we’ve mentioned, you work in a highly competitive industry. So you need to stand out from the rest. The most effective way to do so is through a holistic approach to digital marketing. A few of the ways that we help your dental practice conquer your community are:

  • Targeted Google AdWords to your community.
  • A comprehensive direct mail campaign that speaks directly to potential patients, done over a six month period.
  • Advertising in local community newsletters.
  • Providing quality and educational content in the communities your patients and potential patients live in.
  • Strategically placed bus bench ads and street advertising.

The goal here is to remind the community where your practice is there over a prolonged period of time. That way when they are looking for a dental practitioner, your clinics name will be top of mind… you will have done something that separates you from the rest!

We have an in-house designer and creative team that will help you coordinate the message to send out, design the mail campaign, bus bench, street advertisement, coordinate the printing and even handle the entire direct marketing campaign mail out. Coordinating a mail out is a great initiative, but doing it right is what will make the most of your efforts. Our team has a Canada Post Direct Marketing Specialist that will work with you on the specific needs of your campaign so that your practice can benefit from the results.

Dental practices we have worked with in the past have seen great results from these targeted campaigns. Get in touch with one of our internet consultants today that can speak directly to your needs! Are you ready to move to the next level?