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Website Review and Upgrades

We’ve stressed the importance of having a fully responsive up to date website… if you don’t have one, we recommend that you read our dental marketing website design & development page. However, if your dental clinic currently has a website and you think that it’s up to date, this just might be the right place for you to start…

Some websites come to us recently developed, on WordPress, and have a great look and feel to them. At this point, we step away from talking to you about designing and developing a website from scratch, and start discussing our website review and upgrade strategy tailored specifically for dental clinics.

The change to a responsive internet…

Is your website responsive? This is one of the biggest factors in your search positioning. As of April 2015, Google announced a mobile friendly update, which meant that if your site was not mobile friendly, it would soon stop appearing in mobile or tablet searches all together. Which is bad news for your practice, as more people turned towards smartphones and tablet usage in 2014 over PC usage. Some businesses ended up losing 20% of potential patients and customers… we know that this is something you can’t afford!

Ok, so my practice site isn’t responsive… but it looks great!

If you come to us without a responsive, or WordPress site, our first action point will be to get the site onto a WordPress platform and be responsive across all devices. Our team will also do a deep top to bottom review of your website to find opportunities for improvement, content additions, broken functionalities and opportunities to add clear, concise conversion goals. For example, can we see a clear call to action when you first land on the page? Is your number and contact information prominently display to visitors? Do you have a contact form for your patients or users looking to inquire about your services to fill out? These are all points that we will cover in an initial meeting with you.

If you would like to know how healthy your dental practice site is and how we can help improve its conversion objectives, get in touch with our team today! 

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