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Google AdWords Management

Would you like your dental practice generating more leads online? We know the answer to this question. Everyone would like to see an increase in qualified leads, and Google AdWords is just one of the many ways our team can help your clinic achieve this goal. As one of our clients, you’ll receive intimate knowledge about how your campaigns are running, and what your dedicated advertising specialist is doing on a weekly, monthly and quarterly basis to help you generate qualified leads. Our team is certified to help you with the following networks: display & search, remarketing, video, and mobile. Want to make a change to your budget? Need a campaign based on a new promotion? Want to switch out some images? When you call into our office, one of our advertising specialists will work through the changes with you while you’re on the phone!

Working with a partner agency, you’re getting an account manager that is qualified (meaning they have taken a minimum of two Google AdWords certifications), has hands on experience and will monitor and review your account. We have a dedicated Google Rep that works with us to find opportunities to improve ad performance and increase our clients ROI’s.

Some of your might be wondering what kind of opportunities are available through Google for dental practices… let’s take a deeper look!


This form of advertising helps you reach visitors that have already visited your website! Keeping you fresh in mind even after they’ve navigated away from your site and continue to search the web.


The next time that someone needs emergency dental care, or has just moved to the neighbourhood wouldn’t it be great if they just lined up outside your doors and thought of you first? Display advertising is a great opportunity to build brand awareness and allows you to consistently deliver the message about your brand to potential patients through image or GIF (animated) ads in the Google Display Network.


While Google Display ads mainly focusing on building brand awareness, Google Search ads connect with people looking for your products and services at that exact moment. They are ready to make the decision! Know when your peak seasons are? Want to drive phone calls during a set time frame? Want to start appearing for potential patients that are more likely to convert? Getting on board with Google Search ads can have your business generating leads in no time!


Want to tell a story? Share a tour of your practice? Entice potential clients? Create an education dental video series? Video advertising helps us drive traffic back to your website or to your clinics YouTube channel page. YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world… why not start appearing where potential patients might be.


In 2014, we saw that mobile users had finally surpassed desktop users. This is why having a responsive, mobile friendly site is so important. Users are constantly on the go and using their smartphone to look up the information they need. When someone types “dentist” or “dentist in Toronto” or even “emergency dentist” wouldn’t you like people in your neighbourhood to find you? The ads that appear can lead people directly to a contact form on your website, the ability to click and call your clinic directly and give them an opportunity to find you on Google maps. This serves the information that your potential clients want and need sooner! If they can’t find what they’re looking for, it’s easy for them to find the next practice (aka your competitors) that will give them the information they need.

Google mobile advertising is extremely important… is your dental practice missing out?

If you would like more information on how our Certified Google AdWords Specialists can help manage your online advertising, call us today!