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Reporting – Automatic & In Person

What good is implementing a marketing and advertising strategy if you don’t know what your ROI is, or how effective a campaign was? It doesn’t make much sense to us either. This is why our team has implemented consultations (in-person or over a conference call, depending on where you are located) and automatic monthly reporting.

If we have access to your dental clinics analytics prior to your start with us, we can go over past and current reporting, comparing the differences, and showing you how our initiatives are helping your practice grow.

On a monthly basis, you’ll receive a reminder to review your report, but you can access it any day, at any time! What do these reports include? A snapshot of your website performance / analytics, reporting on your AdWords campaigns, data on your social accounts and in depth information on any other campaigns / initiatives that we are running for you. We recommend speaking with one of our consultants on a monthly basis for you to get a good understanding of how your account is performing. While we are always available throughout business hours to take your questions, this gives you the ability to speak one on one with a consultant during a dedicated time slot to discuss any opportunities for improvement, changes you would like to see, and any upcoming goals that your business has!

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The more we understand the goals you would like your practice to achieve, the more we can help you achieve them! While we recommend an in-depth monthly meeting, we understand that as a practice owner your time is quite limited, this is why we suggest at the very least we touch base every 90 days to review, assess and put a new action plan into place.

If you’re ready to get more information on how our marketing company provides measurable marketing and advertising strategies, call one of our Internet Consultants to get started!