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Social Media Advertising

Your patients, and even your potential patients, are using the internet and most likely are active on social accounts that have an advertising platform. Why not meet them where they’re at? You can directly advertise to patients and potential patients using Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn!


Facebook offers a number of advertising features that help you grow your community! Want to let your patients know about an upcoming event? Want to promote a contest? Want to gain likes? Do a local awareness campaign that lets actual people in your community see your ads? Want to drive traffic back to your website? Facebook has it all. Our dental clients have seen great success using Facebook for advertising.


Use retargeting to reach people who have already visited your website or your business page! Facebook uses intuitive tools that tags users with a cookie that allows us to reach the user again and again – keeping your brand at the forefront so the next time they need emergency dental care or even a check up, your practice is fresh in mind.

Page Likes

So you have a Facebook business page. But if you don’t have any likes, or aren’t generating fresh content, you might as well not have one at all (which is not something we recommend as a healthy online community is an integral part of your digital strategy)! Our team is here to help you grow likes so your content reaches your patients and potential patients! Through organic reach and paid reach (finding relevant users) to grow your online community!

Website Clicks

Wouldn’t it be great that after you had a new website built, that you could direct people to your website through different channels? Facebook lets you create specific message targeted to a specific audience that drives them to a page of your choosing on your website! What better way to help generate new business.


Looking to target professional audience? Do you know that your audience can be easily found on LinkedIn? Create ads targeting certain industries, seniority, job functions, age and even gender! We can created tailored ads that drive people to your website; they can start the learning process and even book an appointment with your if they’re ready! Your ads are shown on users profiles pages, LinkedIn homepage, inbox, search results page, and groups within the site. Target based off job title, industry, geography, company size, company name, seniority, age, gender, and LinkedIn groups!

If you’re ready to learn more about how social media advertising can boost your online presence, call today to speak to one of our Internet Consultants!