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Social Media Community Management

How much time is your dental practice dedicating on a weekly basis to updating Facebook, Google+, Linkedin, and Twitter? Is your practice manager, or your team curating fresh, relevant, and informative content for these channels? Is their “from the heart” content (you and your team in action) being posted? Celebrating moments and events through pictures and videos? Has your practice successfully built an engaging online community?

This can be difficult for many dental clinic owners to do or coordinate, as it requires a time commitment, consistency, and patience. Our team has a dedicated in-house Social Community Coordinator that will monitor, review and post relevant content to your accounts. They will monitor comments, and answer appropriately, monitor your private messages, engage, and help grow your online community. If you would like to be completely hands off, send us pictures of your events, in office celebrations (with a few details) and we will write a story on your behalf! Many dental clinics who have not been active with their social communities often tell us that they’ve survived this long without it, so what is the point? There are a couple reasons:

  • As of 2015, Facebook has 1.49 billion active users – chances are high that your patients can be found on Facebook.
  • Many people are active on social media, they use these channels to search for business information, find reviews, legitimize your business and find a platform to engage with and ask questions… are you easily found?
  • If anything else, having active social accounts helps Google see that you’re an active business, and this, over time, can help your positions in search.
  • Being present and active on social accounts can indirectly create sales opportunities.

Some of our clients get a lot of questions on their profiles, receive leads and with the advertising features available, have a chance to grow their community and send visitors back to their website. Why not meet patients with your message where they are at?

If you’re ready for a professional marketing agency to grow your online presence and handle you’re social media efforts, don’t hesitate to call and speak with one of our Internet Consultants today!