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So You’re Driving Leads to Your Website – Do You Know How to Convert?

So You’re Driving Leads to Your Website - Do You Know How to Convert? - Dental Marketing Solutions - Sales Consultation Services

Acquiring new patients is a multi-step process. If you’ve got an excellent search ranking and even a great reputation, that’s only part of the challenge. Converting those page visits into confirmed appointments is its own process!

Your Site

The opportunity to confirm a new patient will be out of reach without getting your website up to par. Rule number one when it comes to conversions is to have your contact information as visible as possible everywhere on your site. Always provide information about your services, your staff, and what qualifies you as a cut above the rest. Your content should predictively address the concerns or needs that visitors are most likely to have. However, it’s not over when they contact you. This is where things get a little more challenging for many businesses.

The Conversation

Firstly, by what means has the potential patient contacted you? Phone, email, or live chat? Some can be more challenging than others. One of the best things about having a moderated live chat system installed is that it offers visitors the most immediate possible way to speak with you. Email is far less personal and implies a longer wait for response, so you should generally expect to see phone and live chat most often.

Whichever it may be, the interaction between your reception staff and your lead should be sincere, knowledgeable, and transparent. Make sure your staff have the knowledge to address common questions about your services. They should also understand the importance of assuming the sale. In other words, the discussion shouldn’t be a matter of whether or not the appointment will be booked, but how best and when your practice will be able to fulfill the patient’s needs.

Where We Come In

If your site is equipped with moderated live chat, the conversion process will be made significantly easier than with telephone or even email. We will be able to provide co-monitoring support to ensure quick and friendly interactions with your leads. By combining your knowledge about your practice and its services with our expertise in conversion, guiding a site visitor toward a booked appointment will be as easy as ever!

Seeing high traffic but no new patients? Dental Marketing Solutions is here to get you on the right track. To learn about how our sales consultation services can boost your conversions, give us a call at 1 (800) 985-3118 today!

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