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Social Community Management 101

Social Community Management 101 - Dental Marketing Solutions - Dental Marketing Solutions

What does it really mean to make social media an important part of how you market your dental practice? It’s not just about having the profiles and posting content, it’s about how you interact with and manage your social community. Let’s take a look at how this concept works.

What is Your Social Community?

A business of any kind is surrounded by a community of people who depend on their services. Most of the time, your experience with this community consists of interacting with a relatively small number of individuals at a time while you provide them with dental care. That is, unless you take advantage of social media! If you engage with your social community through various social media platforms, you will in effect be able to explore and better understand the community of people around your clinic, whether they’re established patients or potential ones.

A Two-Way Exchange

Of course, this engagement with your social community isn’t really engagement if all you do is accumulate likes and followers without shaping your profiles, presence, and interaction properly. This requires a wide range of efforts, whether it’s posting engaging and high quality content, responding to patient feedback, or having discussions with your audience. Despite the variety of ways that good engagement can manifest in your social community, one thing should always stay the same: it should come from the heart, and your audience should be able to see that your community matters to you.

Help from the Best

Knowing the importance of your online community is just one component of the process. The other is deciding how to apply that information into a practical strategy. For one thing, operating a dental clinic is no simple endeavour, and the first priority of you and your staff will always be to keep things running smoothly. This is why working with a professional dental marketing team to execute and maintain your social media strategy is such a valuable course of action. It will allow you to combine the voice of your clinic with the skill and experience of marketing professionals who care about your success. Your social community is waiting to hear your voice!

Even if your social media presence and community management are in a great place, there’s more to dental marketing than that. Your clinic deserves a truly formidable, comprehensive strategy, and our team is here to make it happen. Give us a call at (403) 444-0639 today!

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