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Staying Social: Why You Should Engage with Your Online Community

Staying Social: Why You Should Engage with Your Online Community - Dental Marketing Solutions - Dental Marketing Experts

You may view your website and social media platforms merely as tools for bringing in new business, but this overlooks the importance of your online community. While it’s true that a big part of marketing your practice is getting new patients to come to you, there’s a little more to it than that.

The Importance of Engagement

There are communities you engage with in person and there are those you engage with online. The great news is that you don’t have to choose between them! Staying active on social media adds a personal touch to the image of your practice that other may be lacking. It sends the message that staying connected and communicative with others is important to you. Replacing a tendency toward one-way communication with fulfilling, reciprocal interaction is what it’s all about. And don’t forget: as search engines will continue to develop, your level of engagement will have increasing effects on your visibility in search results!

Common Mistakes

Engaging improperly can make for particularly harmful results. For instance, good engagement can be a streamlined way to conduct reputation management and respond to the concerns of unhappy patients in an open and transparent way. If, however, you choose to ignore comments expressing dissatisfaction (or worse, you respond in a retaliatory way), your engagement will have the opposite of the desired result! Another thing to watch out for is hashtags. Not using them at all will take a toll on the visibility and relevance of your profile, while abusing them can get bothersome. Use them strategically, carefully, and knowledgeably.

What Works Best

Firstly, keeping the quality and regularity of your engagement high is of the utmost importance. Your profiles should live, breathe, and remain dynamic. Your community should never get the impression that no one’s listening! Ask public questions for feedback regarding dental care, such as what your community wants to see more of from their local clinics. Take advantage of the new poll function on Twitter. From holiday posts to birthday posts for those who help run your practice, the possibilities are endless. The more creative you get, the more your community — and therefore your visibility — will grow!

Your social media profiles are full of untapped potential. Give Dental Marketing Solutions a call at 1 (800) 985-3118 to find out more about what they can help you accomplish!

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