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Take Advantage of the Holidays for Your Marketing Campaign

Take Advantage of the Holidays for Your Marketing Campaign - Dental Marketing Solutions - Dental Marketing Solutions

Showing appreciation for your patients, not to mention demonstrating how fun your clinic can be, should be a significant part of your marketing strategy year-round. However, the holidays offer you the opportunity to get particularly creative with how you do this!

Why Is It So Important?

Each of your patients is one in a large group of people who trust you for excellent dental work, but they would also love to see that you value them individually. After all, your clinic wouldn’t be much without them! Not only this, but taking the dynamics of a particular season or holiday into account for your marketing plan offers a number of advantages. For one, staying in sync with the spirit of the season will let your patients know that you’re attentive and engaging in real time. This is much better than “business as usual”!

Opportunities and Ideas

It’s hard to go wrong with holiday cards. Whether you mail them out, give them to patients in person, or send them by email is up to you, but they should all be festive and fun. Be sure to personalize them with the patient’s name, as few things send a stronger message of insincerity than a generic holiday card that doesn’t even address the patient in a direct and friendly way. Of course, this time of year isn’t just about you and your patients, it’s also about having a good time with your staff at your clinic. Decorate and celebrate! Posting photos of your holiday party on social media is a great way to engage your community as well.

The Optimal Result

It might be tempting to simply see these gestures as techniques for improving the image of your clinic and drawing in more patients. They’re definitely effective at helping you attain these goals when executed well, but they’re also about much more than that. The role that your dental practice plays in your community should be multidimensional. You can certainly settle with being just another local dental clinic and call it a day, but this probably won’t allow you to fully realize your potential as a member of your community. The more engaged you are, the more you’ll be valued by those around you!

Looking forward to the holidays? So are we! If you want to learn more about seasonal marketing techniques or how to help your clinic grow in general, give Dental Marketing Solutions a call at (403) 444-0639 today!

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