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The Importance of Unique Content

The Importance of Unique Content - Dental Marketing Solutions - Dental Marketing Solutions Calgary

When using a blog to improve search ranking, there are two particularly important factors at play: how your visitors respond to your content and how Google’s algorithms interact with it. Because of this, a common issue is knowing what Google does and does not penalize in terms of site and content practices. One of these practices is content duplication.

What’s Duplicate Content?

Sometimes this term refers to content that recurs as a normal consequence of certain technical circumstances. A common example is printer-friendly versions of blog posts, which are essentially duplicate pages. These instances have a number of workarounds that Google recommends in order to make sure search users end up at the pages you want them to. On the other hand, many forms of content duplication are more deliberate and sometimes manipulative. Unfortunately, it’s more common than you think for marketing firms to repost the same content between domains — or even within the same one — to leverage broader coverage in search results for a given query or topic.

Why Is Unique Content Important?

The issue of how, why, and to what degree Google penalizes sites that duplicate content is somewhat complex. Technically, Google’s algorithms themselves may not directly punish you for repetitive information unless it is packed with keywords and “spammy” language. However, if your marketing team is providing you with duplicate content, your site will almost certainly suffer in organic search results by nature of the fact that your site isn’t contributing unique information to the web! If you want your site to be rewarded by Google with a favourable search ranking, you’ll need to develop a truly individual and valuable voice.

How Can I Keep Things Fresh?

Maintaining a healthy flow of unique content is a matter of who is responsible for creating it. Some of our clients write their own content, while others depend on our professional writing team. In either case, it all comes down to one question: is the duplication of the same old content really the best way to spend your marketing budget? Relying on the right marketing team will make all the difference in improving originality and search visibility. This will develop an identity for your practice as reputable, dedicated, and unique!

The Dental Marketing Solutions team is here to help you build a truly reputable and valuable online presence for your practice. Call us today at 1 (800) 985-3118 to find out how we can make it happen!

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