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The Possibilities of Google AdWords

The Possibilities of Google AdWords - Dental Marketing Solutions - Dental Marketing Solutions

Just like any marketing tool or resource, Google AdWords can fall short when in the wrong hands and used improperly. So what exactly is it capable of when being utilized by a truly skillful, certified expert? Let’s take a look at its basics and incredibly diverse potential.

AdWords 101

When you bid on search terms, you’re telling Google how much you’re willing to pay for your clinic’s ad to be displayed in the results for those terms. You will only pay, however, when a user has clicked your ad and accessed your landing page. You will also only spend as much money as is available in your fixed budget. How visible your ads are also depends on your quality score, which Google determines based on the relevance of the ad and your landing page. In short, the more effective your budgeting strategy and the better your ads and landing pages suit the needs of the user, the better.

Display and Search Networks

AdWords campaigns can take place within Google’s search network or display network, the distinction being that display ads appear to users on actual sites. We’ve all seen them in the margins or at the tops or bottoms of web pages. While search ads tend more often to facilitate actual conversions, the strength of display ads is their coverage and visibility. Video ads appear on YouTube uploads and in videos within Google’s display network, and are excellent for sharper demographic targeting. Both display and video ads really shine when utilized for remarketing, which targets users who have already visited your site so you can maintain their awareness of your clinic.

The Importance of Certification

The central goal of any AdWords campaign is to bring as much search-related traffic to your clinic’s site that you can, at the most efficient expenditure possible. Fully maximizing efficiency and ROI is something that is far more within reach when working with a team of experts. Dental Marketing Solutions is not only a Google Partner, but also a team of AdWords certified specialists, ready to utilize Google’s PPC tools with surgical precision. With such a powerful resource at your disposal, it’s only right that you see it at its best!

Does your dental clinic have its bases covered when it comes to AdWords? The best way to bring in the new patients you deserve is to collaborate with a team of AdWords-certified specialists. Call (403) 444-0639 today and we’ll be happy to answer your questions!

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