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Top 5 Ways Your Practice Can Benefit From Working With a Google Partners Agency

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For those unfamiliar with the program, Google Partners is a system through which marketing agencies can become certified as Adwords experts, ultimately to serve businesses better. Here are five reasons why working with a certified partner agency can put your practice ahead of the competition.

Better Budget Management & ROI

One of the key components of the certification requirement is that an agency can skillfully manage a budget of at least $10,000. This means that the certification represents not only complete fluency with Adwords as a technology but also an extensive budgetary skillset, one that will ensure you get the best possible return on your ad investment.

Staying Up-to-Date

Teaming up with a Google Partner also keeps your practice tuned in to the latest developments in the digital marketing climate. Detailed market research, analytics, and reports are all made available to Google Partners and their clients first. This is critical for staying at the forefront of your industry and making improvements to your campaign on a real-time basis.

Speedy Assistance

If a business working with an uncertified marketer needs to address a glitch in their campaign due to malware or other factors, they have to file a ticket and wait to be assisted. Meanwhile, having a Google Partner on your side means having a connection on the inside of Google that will help alleviate your issue without delay!

Quality Control

Since a good portion of Google’s revenue comes from successful ad campaigns, they have a high incentive to make sure your business performs well. This means that your Google Partner agency is held accountable for your ROI and the quality of the experience they provide for you. It’s in everyone’s best interest to help your practice thrive.

Peace of Mind

All the technical stuff aside, this is one of the most important benefits to your relationship with a Google Partner. Managing the budget and data yourself, or entrusting it to an uncertified marketer, leaves too much room for uncertainty when it comes to attracting new patients. With a Google Partner, you can rest assured that you will be taken care of!

Today’s digital marketing tools are most powerful when put in the hands of a dedicated expert. If you’d like to learn more about how Dental Marketing Solutions can help you utilize today’s resources, give us a call at 1 (855) 982-3001 today!

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