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Using Online & Traditional Marketing Strategies for Your Dental Office

Using Online & Traditional Marketing Strategies for Your Dental Office - Dental Marketing Solutions - Online Marketing Experts Calgary

The best, most effective combination of marketing strategies is one that integrates the finest traditional methods with the latest and greatest online ones. Let’s find out how you can enhance modern techniques with time-tested concepts.

Direct and Personal

One thing that traditional forms of marketing have to offer that is less commonly experienced through online marketing is a personal touch. This is rarely more true than in forging new relationships with first-time patients and maintaining those with established ones. Send mailouts, flyers, or cute cards to patients reminding them of their appointments or thanking them for choosing you. Physical addressed items like these can make the kind of statement that an email simply cannot. The combination of this and friendly social media engagement also conveys a level of professionalism and legitimacy that basic online interactions often lack.

Follow-Up Interactions

Encouraging patients to engage with your site and social media profiles is a great way to go, but it can wear thin if you only do so by digital means. Never underestimate the value of pleasant face-to-face interaction! For example, when scheduling a patient’s follow-up appointment before they leave, have your reception staff encourage the patient to like your office’s Facebook profile or check out your latest blog posts. If the patient has any comments about their experience, let them know that they can always voice their concerns by whatever channel of communication they see fit. Responding constructively will contribute to a great reputation for you in your community.

The Patient Experience

While you may not think of it as a component of your marketing plan, the experience that you offer at your dental office is a significant determiner in how your practice will grow. Because of this, it’s wise to think of every in-person interaction to be a form of community engagement that has much in common with outbound marketing philosophies. Many patients, for instance, can be a bit resistant or uncomfortable about a dental visit. This means that if you make your office one that helps your patients feel comfortable and at ease, the referrals you’re likely to get will be far more valuable than a tweet or a Facebook post alone!

Whether it’s traditional or digital, outbound or inbound, Dental Marketing Solutions is committed to building a smart, integrated marketing plan for your dental practice. Call us at 1 (800) 985-3118 to get started!

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