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What is Google My Business and Why Should I Be Onboard?

What is Google My Business and Why Should I Be Onboard? - Dental Marketing Solutions - Online Marketing Experts Calgary

Of all the tools that Google makes available to local businesses, Google My Business is one of the freshest and most important. It’s more necessary than ever to build a legitimate and developed online presence, but how exactly does My Business help you do that? Let’s find out.


Google My Business is a streamlined way for businesses to build and maintain a more recognizable presence on Google. It differs from previous listing technologies like Google+ Local and Google Places in its more intuitive approach and focus on local businesses in particular. First, you specify your type of business and confirm that it has an address and that you manage it. Then you build a profile including everything from contact information to opening hours and photos. If you already had a Google Places or Google+ Local page, it will be upgraded to the new My Business system automatically. There’s even a mobile app!

Why You Need It

As a local business, your practice has a lot to gain from having a developed and well-kept My Business profile. When a potential patient is weighing the options and choosing who to depend on, one of the first things they will do is search something like “dentistry in Calgary.” The best way to ensure that you will be seen is to have a lively and professional profile. It will integrate things like client reviews, allowing you to track what people think of your business as accurately as possible. The page itself is not unlike a social media resource in the way it allows you to directly engage with your following through sharing and updates.

The Knowledge Graph

Thanks to Google Knowledge Graph, users searching your practice name will instantly see a panel of information from your Google My Business listing, Google Maps, review sites such as Yelp, and other sources. The better you can get the content of your website and the more reputable your practice becomes, the more great information your panel will contain. This will serve to legitimize your practice within Google’s listings and give the user your contact info right off the bat, making it all the more likely for them to reach out to you!

If your dentistry practice is in need of a modern marketing upgrade, Dental Marketing Solutions is here to make it happen. To find out how you can attract new patients, give us a call at 1 (855) 982-3001 today!

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