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What is Pay-Per-Click and How Can It Benefit Your Dental Practice?

What is Pay-Per-Click and How Can It Benefit Your Dental Practice? - Dental Marketing Solutions - PPC Specialists Calgary

Good content and smart SEO can help your clinic rise in the ranks of Google’s search results, but what if you need that extra push? This is where pay-per-click advertising comes in.

Re-Thinking Ads

The first thing to do when familiarizing yourself with PPC is to set aside most of what you know about conventional advertising. For instance, you may be concerned that an Adwords PPC campaign is a gamble that will cost your dental practice upfront. It’s actually a better deal than this. Pay-per-click means that you set a certain budget for a given campaign, and money is spent from that budget according to how many search users click that ad and are directed to your site. The cost-per-click depends on the value of the search terms you’ve targeted for your ads. A lot more flexible than a bus bench or billboard, isn’t it?

What They Can Do for You

One of the best things that an Adwords PPC campaign can offer your dental practice is not only boosted visibility and legitimacy in search results, but also detailed assessment of your performance. When you have designated the best landing page for each user to reach by clicking on your ad, you can identify how effective the ads are at drawing in traffic and how effective the landing pages are at leading potential patients to contact your clinic for an appointment. The extensive nature of Adwords metrics makes them a very powerful tool if you know how to observe them and use their data to improve your rate of conversion.

Using Them Skillfully

PPC has one thing in common with many other tools in marketing: it won’t give you the best results if you don’t use it the right way. So what does it take to make the most of it? For starters, you’ll need to target the right search users with your ads. Who are the people you are hoping to make your patients and what exactly are they likely to search for? As a Calgary-based dental clinic, you may want to use Adwords’ location targeting capabilities to focus in on search users who are actually in Calgary! With a qualified marketing team by your side, these and many other PPC strategies are well within reach.

The Dental Marketing Solutions team takes pride in helping local dentists enhance their marketing practices every day. Numerous members of our team are certified by Google for adword management, and PPC is just one of our many specialties. Call us at (403) 444-0639 today to get started!

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