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Why We Love Using WordPress

Why We Love Using Wordpress - Dental Marketing Solutions - Dental Marketing Solutions Calgary

Today, maintaining a website and managing content for your practice can be done in more ways than ever. One of our favourites is WordPress, the open-source content management platform that is the basis for 74.6 million websites worldwide. Let’s do a quick rundown of why it’s so popular and what you should know about it.

The Tests of Time

WordPress wasn’t always the content management powerhouse that it is today. Since its creation in 2003, the platform has transformed from a straightforward blogging tool to the vast and versatile CMS that so many people have come to rely on. This means that the developers at WordPress have carried the company through an important phase in the history of content-oriented web development, and the WordPress community probably understands accessible content management better than anyone in the game.


One of the main ideas behind a tool like WordPress, is that it should be flexible and group-oriented so that it can change and improve constantly. This amounts to a community of developers that exchange ideas and resources ceaselessly for the overall benefit of the platform and its users. Most often, this takes the form of add-ons, plugins, and design or development strategies. This way, the tool itself is like a canvas with limitless possibilities. Oh, and, of course, it’s extremely cost effective. A free platform — and premium plugins or other bells and whistles at affordable costs — means a highly practical way to make your practice excel in today’s content-creation environment.

Staying Secure

The accessibility and popularity of WordPress is a great thing for users and their communities, but it does come with its downsides. Because it is so widely used, it can be more vulnerable to security issues. Just as with any platform, it’s important to be smart about login credentials and other precautions. Fortunately, due to the open-source model, key weaknesses are very well understood and the WordPress community is always active in making them and their solutions known. Every tool has its faults, but the key is to stay aware and informed so that you can use it to its full potential!

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