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Are You Friends with Your Patients?

Are You Friends with Your Patients? - Dental Marketing Solutions - Dental Marketing Solutions

Any dentist can appreciate the importance of building good relationships with patients. In person, this is accomplished through good communication and other key aspects of patient care, but what about online? This is what a good social media strategy is meant for!

Getting Connected

Social media isn’t just about earning followers and getting “likes.” It’s about connecting with your potential and established patients on multiple levels, and as a result, watching the strength and visibility of your dental practice grow. Providing dental care shouldn’t be a cold, impersonal transaction; it should involve a clear presence in your community. These days, the communities formed by social media are more important than ever. If you want to be the dental clinic that patients will recommend to others, a social media strategy will spark the kinds of connections that are so valuable today.

Sharing Information

One of the primary uses for social media that you should adopt as a dental clinic is the sharing of useful information. Anyone seeking a dentist needs to make as informed a decision as possible, and in addition to this, reliable advice on home dental care is something anyone will respond positively to. Share articles that educate your followers about dental procedures and developments in the industry, offer home care tips specific to demographics such as kids and students, and use it as a way to instigate discussion and mutual engagement on your pages!

Expressing Yourself

Your online presence is your voice, and you should use it to express the identity of your dental clinic! Whether it’s posting photos of happy patients with a great smile, offering fun facts about your staff and celebrating their birthdays, or announcing new hires, the better your social network gets to know your practice, the deeper that connection will be. No only does this make you more visible online, it also makes you more memorable. That way, when someone in your audience is asked for a recommendation for a great dentist, you’ll be at the top of their mind!

Social media is a core part of how individuals, organizations, and businesses connect with each other online today. If you don’t have a strategy for utilizing it for your dental clinic, you’ll fall behind your competition! Call Dental Marketing Solutions at (403) 444-0639 to get started today!

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