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Are You Considering Holidays in Your Marketing?

Are You Considering Holidays in Your Marketing? - Dental Marketing Solutions - Dental marketing Solutions

All the best marketing strategies feel sincere and organic. They have a dynamic, human presence behind them, and integrating holidays is a great way to make this happen. While this is true no matter what industry you’re in, it’s an especially important consideration for dentists!  

Staying Seasonal

Your dental marketing strategy is executed through a number of different channels. Email, social media, your website, and advertising are chief among them. They all require different ways of presenting information, but they also have one thing in common: When they can be, they should be seasonally relevant. You don’t want your audience to feel that your marketing efforts are robotically driven or that they operate in a vacuum. Linking your content thematically with the real world will help to foster a humanized, personal presence for your brand as a dentist. This isn’t just necessary for a big holiday like Christmas, it holds true throughout the year.

A Few Ideas

Seasonal variety can be expressed in more ways than you might think. Halloween and Easter are easy ones, as they’re both particularly appropriate times to use your content, posts, or emails to refer to dental care and relevant dietary recommendations for kids. Meanwhile, you could also bring attention to cosmetic dentistry services around holidays that involve special occasions and increased interaction with friends and family, such as New Year’s Eve or Christmas. Be aware, however, that in Alberta you should avoid using special discounts or limited-time offers as promotion material. This is discouraged by the ADA&C’s Code of Ethics.

Perfect for Dentists

As we’ve mentioned, this is a core part of digital marketing today in a wide range of industries, but many dentists tend to assume that it isn’t needed for their strategy. On the contrary, it’s a marketing principle that really shines in the context of dental marketing. One of the characteristics that people really look for in a dentist is strong communication. The ability to develop lasting and attentive dentist-patient relationships is something that separates many of the greatest dentists from the rest. Extend this idea to your marketing by infusing your content and correspondence with the spirit of the present holiday!

Are you taking full advantage of what the holidays can offer? When it comes to building a comprehensive and inspiring dental marketing strategy, this is only the tip of the iceberg. Dental Marketing Solutions has everything you need, so give us a call at (403) 444-0639 today!

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