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Foster Confidence in New Patients with Three Easy Steps

Foster Confidence in New Patients with Three Easy Steps - Dental marketing Solutions - Dental Marketing Solutions

If there’s one thing that can make or break your relationships with your patients, it’s their level of  confidence in you. An abundance of it will strengthen patient retention and long-term growth. A lack of it will send you far behind your competition. Here’s how to build it properly.

Write an Excellent Blog

It’s hard to imagine the current landscape of digital marketing without great blog content. However, writing articles on your site isn’t just about having fun and improving your SEO (although it certainly helps you do that too). It’s also about showing your patients that you’re an intelligent and trustworthy dentist. One of your top priorities for fostering confidence in new patients should be to leverage this powerful tool to demonstrate that you’re an authority in your industry. Educate and engage your audience with well-written and informative content so that they know their dental health is in the right hands.

Maintain Your Online Reputation

The reputation of you and your clinic online has a profound impact on the way in which you’re perceived by new patients. Are you the kind of dentist who has great reviews and responds to negative ones by bettering yourself to keep your community happy? Or, are you the kind of dentist who simply does their thing no matter what anyone says? New patients want to see the former, and the best way to do this is to build a solid reputation online, particularly through review sites. For example, with our Reputation+ program, our friendly team will walk your patients through a survey, and if they respond positively, they’ll be invited to leave an online review.

Share from the Heart

Last but certainly not least, the content that you share outside your blogs shouldn’t be underestimated. Your use of social media has the potential to work in conjunction with your content and reputation management to foster a solid dynamic of trust and confidence in those who are new to your services. This is done not only by keeping your audience updated, but also by sharing things that highlight the personal touch that makes you stand out from the rest. For instance, post photos of staff during birthdays or holidays so that those new patients can see the great people they’ll be interacting with during each appointment!

Are you striving to earn the confidence and trust of your new patients? Don’t forget to maintain a great relationship with your regulars, too! Dental Marketing Solutions can help you develop an unshakable kinship between you and your community. Call (403) 444-0639 for help with these strategies and more!

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