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Using YouTube to Connect with Your Audience

Using YouTube to Connect with Your Audience - Dental Marketing Solutions - Dental Marketing Solutions

When you think about YouTube, what comes to mind? Music videos, movie clips, cat videos, or all of the above? The truth is that in addition to things like these, YouTube is a sophisticated marketing resource just waiting to be applied creatively to your dental clinic’s marketing strategy.

Who’s Watching?

Before you start brainstorming about ideas for video content to upload to YouTube, you first need to establish a clear picture of your audience. What do they need? What are their expectations? What stylistic decisions will they respond most positively to? This is one of many contexts in which a detailed understanding of your patient demographics really pays off. If you want to connect with all those potential patients, whether they’re parents, kids, young professionals, or students, the content you create for YouTube will need to address them in a relevant and carefully directed way.

YouTube as a Tool

Not unlike the case of social media, it can sometimes take a bit of time for organizations or businesses to take YouTube seriously as a marketing tool and resource. With so many uses for such a versatile platform, many of its practical applications get overshadowed by its perceived function in popular culture. Make no mistake, however. With extensive analytics and other methods of understanding your viewers, YouTube can offer your dental clinic an impressive toolbox for creating great content to expand the visibility of your brand and increase the credibility of your clinic.

Ideas for Your Clinic

Since there are so many possibilities out there for YouTube content, your first step should be to narrow things down a bit and come up with a few key ideas for what you’ll produce. Videos can be instructional, such as demonstrations of home care and even with considerations for specific age demographics. They could also be more broadly informative, pertaining to new developments and procedures in the field of dentistry. Last but certainly not least, they could offer a glimpse into your clinic. If you give a tour and introduce your staff, this could double as a great addition to the “About Us” section of your site!

Are you ready to do what it takes to stand out from all the other dental clinics in your area? When you go above and beyond with great videos and other forms of engaging content, your efforts to bring in new patients will be far more rewarding. Call (403) 444-0639 to learn more!

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