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How Well Is Your Dental Practice Doing Really?

How Well Is Your Dental Practice Doing Really? - Dental Marketing Solutions - Dental Marketing Solutions

To a certain extent, digital marketing deals with shaping one’s image, promoting oneself, and drawing people to you online. However, none of this can be successful without measurement. It may seem less glamorous, but it’s essential if you want your dental practice to see real growth.

Measure, Analyze…

Whether it’s your PPC campaigns, your site traffic, or countless other aspects of a dental marketing strategy, everything must be measured. Far too many businesses and organizations go full speed ahead while working in the dark, having no idea what kind of ROI they’re getting for their money, time, and effort. What kind of click-through rate is each AdWords ad getting, and why? How much traffic is a particular landing page or blog post getting, and why? How effectively is an automated email campaign targeting a certain type of lead, and why? None of these can be answered without proper measurement and analytics.

…Implement, Repeat

When you have the right data, and you know how to assess it, you can make the right decisions. AdWords is one of the most important examples of a marketing technology that simply wouldn’t exist without sophisticated analytics. If you invest in a number of different campaigns whose copy and keywords address a variety of dental health-related topics, you’ll be able to sharpen your sense of what your leads are looking for when they land on your website by measuring their performance and examining the results. This allows you to implement an improved set of campaigns by allocating your budget and focus in the right place.

The Role of a Marketing Team

Many dentists fall short in measurement and analytics is because they’re either trying to tackle too much of the marketing work themselves or they’re working with the wrong marketing agency. Firstly, collaborating with an experienced dental marketing team takes a significant load off your shoulders so you can focus on being the great dentist you are. Secondly, when choosing a team to work with, it is of the utmost importance to go with one that prioritizes thorough, routine measurement of your strategy, communicating with you clearly and consistently along the way. This is how you get new patients and revenue in return for your efforts!

Do you know exactly how well you’re doing? The sooner you find out, the less time and money you’ll be wasting. The team at Dental Marketing Solutions has the tools and experience to measure and analyze every aspect of your strategy, so call us at (403) 444-0639 to learn more!  

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