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What Does It Mean to Own Your Community?

What Does It Mean to Own Your Community? - Dental Marketing Solutions - Dental Marketing Solutions

You wouldn’t be a dentist if you weren’t willing to deal with a bit of competition. It’s not always easy to stand out in your field, but being the preferred dentist in your community is a goal well worth fighting for. We’d like to outline a few basic strategies that can help you make this happen.

High Search Ranking

Your visibility in search results is the golden ticket to a more substantial flow of website visitors. However, it’s not just about striving for a higher volume of traffic on a broader scale. You should be aiming for higher quality in your web traffic as well. This can refer to a lot of things, but when it comes to owning your community, high quality traffic will be comprised of people who are near to you. This is why it’s so powerful to employ keyword strategy and other SEO methods to boost your localized relevance. It helps to ensure that those in your community who search for a dentist in their area will find your clinic.

Smart Advertising

As you may know, it’s good practice to complement inbound strategies with intelligent use of outbound practices. Once again, if you only approach your advertising on a broader level, you’re liable to miss out on location-specific advantages that both online and physical formats can offer. For instance, seek out bus bench ads and other publicly visible surfaces that are local to your clinic rather than spreading yourself too thin. Advertise in community print publications like newspapers and magazines. Meanwhile, design your PPC campaigns in a way that consistently connects with area-based search terms.

Communication and Community

As instrumental as SEO and advertising can be for helping you to take command of your community, they can’t do all the heavy lifting on their own. When getting caught up in common marketing practices, dentists and other types of local business owners often forget that being present, involved, and communicative on a community level makes a world of difference. For instance, sponsoring a kids sports team or getting involved in community events can establish a truly powerful presence for your dental clinic in a variety of local environments. Don’t be afraid to get creative and try new things!

Any dentist knows that owning your community is quite a challenge, but this challenge is surmountable when you utilize today’s marketing tools and strategies in all the right ways. At Dental Marketing Solutions, we have everything you need, so call us at (403) 444-0639 today!

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